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Pre-purchase surveys

An extremely comprehensive and thorough survey of all the vessel’s systems. A pre-purchase will allow you to find the exact value and condition of a vessel so you can make an informed decision on the purchase. Includes a visual inspection of the vessel as well as thorough inspection of the engine, wiring, plumbing, pumps, hulls, etc.

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and normally involves conducting a sea trial and removing the vessel from the water.  This type of inspection is strongly recommended when purchasing a used vessel; Whereas, an Acceptance Survey is recommended for new vessels.

The Pre-Purchase Survey consists of a close examination and evaluation of the entire vessel and its systems such as the electrical systems, mechanical systems, waste systems, fuel systems, water systems, navigation equipment, safety equipment, structural integrity, and cosmetic condition.  The goal of this survey is to find any and all faults with the vessel and  verify compliance with all standard requirements recommendations as well as establish an opinion of fair market value.

This information is then presented in a written report in order to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision before completing the purchase.