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Croatia – Tourist Tax for Boaters

Soujurn tax for yachts

To sail in Croatian waters, it’s necessary to acquire two fees or permits. The first one is obtained at the harbor master’s office and is referred to as the “Fee for the Safety of Navigation and Protection of the Sea from Pollution,” commonly abbreviated as “Vignette” or “Sailing Permit.” You can purchase it through the following link.

The second one is the sojourn tax or tourist tax. You can purchase the tourist tax online through the nautika.evisitor.hr  nautical portal or contact us (LINK), and we will assist you in handling it.

Who is obliged to pay the tourist tax?

It’s perhaps easier to specify who is not obliged to pay the tourist tax, so let’s go step by step. The following are not obliged to pay the Tourist tax:

  • All vessels shorter than 7.00 meters, regardless of whether they have sleeping accommodations or not.
  • Vessels longer than 7.00 meters that do not have designated sleeping spaces or on which a longer stay is not carried out. However, be aware that if you do not sleep on the vessel, it means that you are staying in another type of accommodation, such as a camp, apartment, or hotel, and you must be registered there for the payment of the tourist tax.
  • It is not necessary to pay the tourist tax twice. In other words, you do not need to be registered at two locations, which means that you do not need to pay on the boat if you are registered in a hotel or camp and have already paid the residence tax there.

For vessels that are obliged to pay, the obligation falls on the actual owner or user of the vessel, and he or she is obliged for themselves and all persons who stay on that vessel.

Tourist tax payment models

The tourist tax can be paid for specific time periods, e.g., 3, 8, 15, 30, 90 days, or for the whole year. If paid in this manner, as a lump sum for the entire vessel, it covers all persons on the vessel, regardless of the number of individuals aboard. The lump sum fee is defined according to the vessel’s length.

The other method of payment is per person per night, which means that the number of persons on the vessel is multiplied by the number of nights. For some boaters, this option is more favorable, but each person should calculate which method best suits their needs.

Port of Departure

When filling out the residence tax application, many of our clients wonder what to enter in the “Port of Departure” field.

What should be entered in the field “port of departure”?

The “port of departure” refers to the Croatian port from which you initially set sail. You are not required to remain or stay overnight in the mentioned port. Instead, it signifies the location of your departure in Croatia.

This question typically arises from boaters entering Croatia by sea. In such situations, you can enter the entrance port or harbor, which is the place where you will primarily stay during your time in Croatia.

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