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Galvanic Corrosion

Corrosion surveys analysis is performed to see if the vessel’s underwater metal fittings are being adequately protected against galvanic corrosion by the existing anodes and bonding protection systems that are currently in place. This analysis will also check for any stray current (also referred to as electrolysis) that may be occurring around the vessel or coming from the vessel itself with the use of a commercial grade corrosion meter. A determination can be made if the vessel’s underwater metal fittings and parts are being properly protected, are freely eroding or are being overprotected. All tests associated with this survey are non-obstructive.

Upon completion of this testing, a written survey report describing the cause of the corrosion and recommended repairs or upgrades can be provided. We can provide advice for corrosion control equipment such as fail safe galvanic isolators, hull potential meters, reference electrodes, and propeller shaft brushes.