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Individual diving authorisation in Croatia

Individual Diving Authorisations in Croatia

Diving in crystal-clear sea, discovering the secrets of the underwater world, and observing the diverse fish life are just some of the reasons why many people choose this activity. However, if you don’t plan to dive in groups but want to be independent and explore the underwater world from your own yacht, you need to obtain an individual diving authorization.

Mandinus offers a service to obtain an individual diving authorization (permit)

For those who want to engage in individual diving in Croatia, Mandinus offers a solution that will save time and simplify the entire process of obtaining the authorisation. Namely, it is necessary to obtain an individual diving authorisation issued by the competent harbour master office. The cost of the authorisation is 318.53 euros and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Rules for individual diving

In individual diving, the diver is obliged to adhere to certain rules. For example, it is necessary to inform yourself about the zones where diving is prohibited. This applies to areas where cultural goods are located. Also, diving is prohibited in national parks such as Brijuni and Krka, as well as near ports, special reserves, and nature parks.

When diving, it is necessary to properly mark the diving area. The diver is obliged to place a buoy in the middle of the diving area, orange or red in color, with a diameter of at least 30 centimeters, or a diving flag (an orange rectangle with a white diagonal line or a maritime flag of the letter “A” of the International Signal Code or a prominently displayed diving flag on the vessel from which diving is carried out). At night, the buoy must have a flashlight – a strobe light, yellow or white in color, visible at a distance of at least 300 meters.

It is important to note that if you notice the remains of potential archaeological finds during recreational diving in an area that is not registered as a cultural heritage site, you must not remove them from the water/sea but you need to inform the competent conservation department about their exact location. Archaeological finds found on land, in water, or in the sea are the property of the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the Law on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Goods. You can find a list of conservation departments and their contact information on the website of the Ministry of Culture.

Online application for diving authorization

Meeting all of these requirements can be challenging and time-consuming for an individual, especially if they are not familiar with local rules and regulations. That’s why Mandinus offers its services in obtaining individual diving authorisations in Croatia, to save time and simplify the process for its clients.


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