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Yacht Management Services

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These services include the management and maintenance of a client’s yacht or boat while they are away so it will be “turn key” ready when the vessel is to be used again. Depending upon the vessel and the needs of the client, these services are performed on daily, weekly or monthly intervals. These services are handled by only qualified personnel that have the skills, education, and training to perform these services. Regular reporting and maintenance schedules are sent to keep the client constantly updated on the condition and tasks performed on the vessel. This service is popular with remote or seasonal clients.

Permit / Vignette in Croatia

To sail in Croatian waters, you are obliged to purchase an annual permit, vignette or (as it is now called) a notice of arrival of yachts or boats in the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia at the Harbormasters Office that permits you to sail in Croatian territorial waters for one year.

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