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Calculation of Yacht navigation fees in Croatia – Permit/Vignette

Navigation fee for yacht or boat (Permit, Vignette)

Fee for the safety of navigation and protection of the sea from pollution  is the full name of Fee that you need to pay at Harbor master office. Upon paying the Fee you will receive document/receipt as confirmation: Yacht or boat arrival notification fees payment receipt.  This Document or this Fee is also known among boaters as Permit or Vignette the name that it was once called in the past.

You can calculate the informative amount of Fee, which you have to pay if you have entered in the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia with your yacht or boat. The fee is paid once a year and is always valid till end of year 31.12.YYYY.

To avoid going to the harbor master office and prepare all the documentation in advance we can make a vignette for you online. Click on this LINK and fill the form.

Here you can sign up for online vignette payment and we will do it for you! CLICK HERE!