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Croatia – Navigation fee online

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Navigation fee

To sail in Croatian waters, you are obliged to purchase an annual permit, vignette, navigation fee or (as it is now called) Fee for the safety of navigation and protection of the sea from pollution or shorter Yacht or boat arrival notification fee at the Harbormasters Office that permits you to sail in Croatian territorial waters for one year. The Navigation fee is paid once a year and is always valid till end of year 31.12.YYYY.

The boat or yacht arrival fee includes a fee for the safety of navigation and for pollution protection of the sea, but does not include Sojourn tax which is done separately depending on how much time you spend in Croatia.

Save your time, do it online!

Save your time by not having to go to the crowded Harbormasters office with limited working hours, keep your distance and let us renew your permit for you. You will receive payment instructions via e-mail.

After sending the payment to our company, we continue to do the whole process for you. After Permit is generated is delivered to you per e-mail.

Types of service:

Renewal– you already have a permit / vignette from previous years, everything is the same and must be renewed.

New Permit– An owner is with his boat in Croatian waters for the first time and has to register it from scratch, or the boat is already in Croatian waters but has a new owner

Change – An existing Permit must be corrected due to changes (e.g. sale, new co-owner, engine change or technical changes)

The following documents are required for new permit or permit change:

  • Boat registration certificate,
  • Boat (skipper) license,
  • Insurance (liability),
  • Identity card or passport

Calculate the fees for registering your boat in Croatia here. Click on this LINK!

Our application fees
Navigation Fee/ Permit / Vignette
Service FeeServise Fee for
Sea Help
Servise Fee for
Sea Help
Smart & Premium
Permit Renewal65,00€45,00€35,00€
New Permit or Change95,00€65,00€55,00€
Navigation Fee (Permit, Vignette) expenses are extra charged, informative calculation at this link: CLICK on this LINK!

NEW – After we make Permit for you pay the visitor’s tax yourself
Online payment of the tourist tax for boat owners or boat users via the nautika.evisitor.hr platform.