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Fishing license Croatia Online

Buy Recreational Fishing License for Croatia Online

Fishing in Croatia is very popular and is considered a national sport. The Croatian coast offers numerous opportunities for anglers. However, it is important to comply with the fishing regulations and rules of the country. If you want to try specific types of fishing such as fly fishing or deep-sea fishing, you can find helpful information from us.

If you are looking for the best fishing spots, we recommend that you ask the local fishermen for advice. Please note the minimum sizes for fish and the restrictions on catching certain species.

Whether you are interested in fishing at the sea, lakes or rivers, you will need a corresponding permit. For sea fishing, anyone can purchase a license for a fee.

1 day7.96 euros
3 days19.91 euros
7 days 39.82 euros
150 days99.54 euros
150 days – For persons over 65 years13.27 euros
Licenses for recreational sea fishing
  • 150-day licenses are valid for 150 days or until the end of the last day of the year they were sold for.
  • Spearfishing is not allowed with a recreational fishing license.
  • Persons under 14 years old may fish without a recreational fishing license

Fishing license or fishing permit

If you want to go recreational fishing in Croatia, you need a permit or a fishing license. You can purchase these online from Mandinus, but you must present a valid identification document such as a national identity card or passport. Without a valid permit or fishing license, you risk violating Croatian fishing laws and may face fines or other sanctions.