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Pre-Purchase Marine Survey

An extensive vessel inspection when considering the purchase of any new or pre-owned boat or yacht regardless of its age, condition or reputation. The survey will reflect the appearance and functionality of the vessel. The survey includes:  Hull structural integrity, electrical components and wiring, the drive system, fuel transfer system, engine or other propulsion modules, electronic and navigation equipment, on board support systems, and additional safety equipment. The evidence of previous maintenance, or lack of, is also noted in the survey. An out of water bottom inspection and an operational sea trial should be included . This survey is concluded with an overall condition rating and a fair market value of the vessel.

Corrosion Survey

This analysis is performed to see if the vessel’s underwater metal fittings are being adequately protected against galvanic corrosion by the existing anodes and bonding protection systems that are currently in place. This analysis will also check for any stray current (also referred to as electrolysis) that may be occurring around the vessel or coming from the vessel itself with the use of a commercial grade corrosion meter. A determination can be made if the vessel’s underwater metal fittings and parts are being properly protected, are freely eroding or are being overprotected. All tests associated with this survey are non-obstructive.

Insurance Marine Survey

This survey is performed to assist the insurance carrier in the determination of the risk involved for a particular vessel. Their interests include structural integrity, safety, as well as its intended use. Many insurance companies require a survey on a particular boat or yacht before coverage will be offered. The vessel’s fair market and replacement values are included in this survey.

Yacht Management Services

These services include the management and maintenance of a client’s yacht or boat while they are away so it will be “turn key” ready when the vessel is to be used again. Depending upon the vessel and the needs of the client, these services are performed on daily, weekly or monthly intervals. These services are handled by only qualified personnel that have the skills, education, and training to perform these services. Regular reporting and maintenance schedules are sent to keep the client constantly updated on the condition and tasks performed on the vessel. This service is popular with remote or seasonal clients.

Marine Damage Claim Investigations

We investigate marine accidents and provide damage surveys and litigation support for marine claims. We assess the nature and extent of damages, recommended repairs, and the probable cause. We respond to Damage Claim assignments in a timely and methodical fashion, maintain good communication and provide detailed and thorough reporting.

Damage Inspection

A specific survey, often for insurance purposes, limited to the inspection and assessment of damaged areas of the boat or yacht, specific failures or specific instructions covering areas of concern i.e. yard repairs or installation of equipment etc. The report can include assessment of liability, cause and effect and recommendations for repair or further investigation.

Yacht Registration

The choice of port in which to register a yacht is not always straightforward and, indeed, the registration process itself can be daunting for those not familiar with it.  We are happy to advise on the process or we can complete the process on your behalf, even if our ongoing services are not required!

The nationality of the owner, the intended cruising area, any coding requirements and the related tax consequences all need to be taken into account when registering a yacht. If a yacht is owned by a EU resident and will operate from a Croatian port, what registration will be most appropriate? When a yacht is to be used in European waters by a non-EU National what is solution?