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Pre-Purchase survey


Galvanic Corrosion


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We strongly believe that it is our duty to give you the best possible service, quality and depth of survey and benefit of our boating experience to give you absolute confidence in us, your survey and your boat. We are detailed, accurate, factual and impartial. Our surveys are backed by a Professional Code of Conduct and extensive professional indemnity and fulfill the requirements of the leading finance and insurance companies.

Our Services

The quality of our services and our technical capabilities are supported by experience, qualification and are acknowledged by recognised industry accreditation. We are always working towards protecting your investment and your safety afloat. Our emphasis is on quality, professionalism and a personal level of confidence, service and communication second to none.

Boat Buy Survey

Pre-Purchase boat inspection specifically tailored for the intended purchase of a vessel and designed to allow you to make an informed and balanced purchase decision.

Market Valuation

A formal independent market valuation statement involving a summary inspection of the vessel often required for finance or insurance or following a major refit.


Only so much can be assessed statically or ashore and there are significant benefits of a sea trial to reinforce the findings or recommendations from the survey inspection.

Inspection Survey

Occasionally the Full Condition Survey may be considered unnecessary, for example when purchasing a nearly new vessel with the benefits of remaining manufacturers warranties.


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Dealings in buying a boat or dealing with a surveyor has been a lonely, unsatisfactory and sterile experience?

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Moisture Testing

A non-destructive Moisture Meter is used to determine moisture content in the fiberglass lamination and wood. A Moisture Inspection is done to determine Osmosis.

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An extremely comprehensive and thorough survey of all the vessel’s systems. A pre-purchase will allow you to find the exact value and condition of a vessel so you can make an informed decision on the purchase.

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Galvanic Corrosion

Corrosion surveys are performed to determine a vessel's level of cathodic protection, the integrity of the vessel's bonding system, and check for the presence of destructive stray current leakages.

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